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Robert Lawson, Rabbit Hill> He melted into the fog.
That process melted cavities within the snowdrift, and shrubs popped up through the surface.
When you slip it back in the earmuffs, the melted wax molecules gradually "chill out.
Once cool, break caramel corn into pieces or chunks and drizzle with 3 ounces melted semisweet (OR bittersweet) chocolate (melt in microwave oven on high power 45 to 60 seconds, stirring once until smooth).
4 million for a new electro-slag remelting (ESR) furnace, which is complete and used primarily for aerospace alloys that are melted three times to ensure the highest purity levels.
There's something warm, cozy, irresistible and enticing about biting into a crispy, homey sandwich oozing with stretchy strands of soft, melted cheese.
That's enough to raise global sea levels by half a meter, if the glaciers melted, says Roger G.
Since the charge is preferentially melted while it is submerged in the molten bath, the magnesium that had solidified in the returns melts, vaporizes and becomes suspended in the molten iron.
patent #3,358,327, filed in 1960 for a barrier flight that retains unmelted solids in a primary channel while melted resin goes downstream in an auxiliary channel.
Crystallization of all the polymer films was controlled by placing the casting dishes containing the melted films in specific temperature baths for certain time periods prior to testing.
The Company announced that it successfully melted the first heat of steel production last night.
Likewise, lead clusters melted only at temperatures more than 140[degrees]C above the melting point of bulk lead.