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When attempts were later made to recover it, it was found that it had been sent on for recycling and had been melted down.
It's an absurd equation: having a really valuable, beautiful piece of work melted down and sold for so little for what the bronze is worth," said Angela Conner, herself a sculptress and Hepworth's former assistant.
The government and TEPCO previously believed that about half of the fuel had melted down.
He said there had been a number of incidents where gold sent by post was allegedly undervalued and melted down before a complaint is resolved.
Terence says he was told it was already melted down.
Mr Rose has now seen hundreds of knives melted down.
Some suggested that the records be melted down as an additive to asphalt paving.
FAKE Tiffany jewellery with a street value of half a million pounds has been melted down as a warning was flashed to unsuspecting consumers.
Yet now the village is mourning the theft of a plaque from its war memorial, with the stolen bronze likely destined to be sold, melted down and sold again.
I WAS saddened to read Joe Riley's column (ECHO, Oct 25) and his conclusion that rather than split the U-boat IJ534, he would sooner see it melted down.
Inflation has diminished the purchasing power of our money to such an extent that nickels and pennies are now worth more melted down than their face value.