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It's an absurd equation: having a really valuable, beautiful piece of work melted down and sold for so little for what the bronze is worth," said Angela Conner, herself a sculptress and Hepworth's former assistant.
He said each pendant, bearing the word "education", is a "symbol of hope", adding: "It was humbling to see such an array of weapons melted down.
Yet now the village is mourning the theft of a plaque from its war memorial, with the stolen bronze likely destined to be sold, melted down and sold again.
WELL, it took eight years, but at last Boeing has come up with the data on which way the wind was blowing on that infamous day in 1959, when a nuclear reactor partially melted down at the former Rocketdyne site in the Santa Susana Hills.
Inflation has diminished the purchasing power of our money to such an extent that nickels and pennies are now worth more melted down than their face value.
Unlike many other manufacturers, the bags Paulstra uses to hold materials used in production get melted down in the process and ultimately become part of the product itself.
Alussy took the assignment and melted down three fallen Hussein statues that he originally cast to create the new memorial.
Millions have been melted down to make toys or have been dyed to become children's balloons (Anchor & Sails, August 13, 2004).
TOPPLED statues of Saddam Hussein have been melted down and turned into a bronze sculpture of a US soldier in mourning.
The NJ Partnership for Mercury-Free Vehicles is seeking sponsors for legislation that would require the removal of mercury switches from end-of-life cars and trucks before the vehicles are crushed and melted down in steel mills and foundries.
Melted down, re-formed and re-placing the fibreglass of the past with a material that symbolises this city, its skills and its people, the new Forward statue would be a permanent tribute to a proud past and history of industrial creation.