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The melting rate is controlled by the shear stress in the film near the barrel wall, the barrel temperature, the thermal and viscous properties of the polymer, and the screw design.
Consequently, the sizes of the amplicons and percentage guanine-cytosine content were different, allowing discrimination between HPAI and LPAI by melting curve analysis (7).
That reduces sea-ice coverage the following spring, giving summer melting even more of a head start.
In common practice, the problem is addressed by screw cooling, which tends to stabilize the solid plug and prevent premature breakup, and by the use of mixing devices, which add energy to help complete melting and thermally homogenize the melt prior to discharge.
But here at the Melting Pot, they're doing it better, more expansively than anyone ever did before.
The M&M should have resulted in the highest melting point.
Empiricists submitted evidence that the melting pot wasn't working as predicted and concluded, as did Nathan Glazer and Daniel Patrick Moynihan in Beyond the Melting Pot (1963), "The point about the melting pot.
The premium melt expansion will complement Carpenter's existing state-of-the-art melting, forging and finishing operations.
Additionally, when transferring metal from a melting furnace into a ladle or holder, care must be taken to avoid surface dross entrainment or bottom sludge.
Frictional heat generated by vibration and pressure initiate melting at the apex of the energy director and the contact point on the mating part.
Thus, increasing pressure typically raises a material's melting temperature.