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The Melting Pot is regularly recognized as a romantic dining destination.
Dubai is a vibrant, modern city that is ideally suited for The Melting Pot's very social and interactive, casual dining experience," said Mike Lester, president of The Melting Pot.
Through the largest franchise deal in brand's history, HCS will open 12 Melting Pot outlets in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt before 2020.
With its long history of success and unique fondue dining experience, The Melting Pot will elevate the standards of American casual dining in Saudi Arabia," said Dr Almugbel.
Every year, Melting Pot sells 80,000 Yin & Yangs.
This is the first time the Melting pot traders have visited the North East.
The point most commonly taken is that the new human products of the melting pot would, of necessity, be culturally indistinguishable.
We are a spoonful of the New York melting pot on Third Avenue," said Stephen Anfang and Tony Goldman, owners of the Food Mall.
While a restaurant entree under 700 calories is typically considered light, Skinny Dipping at The Melting Pot offers a three-course meal for that same caloric value.
The Melting Pot Restaurants Inc, which currently runs 36 outlets outside of the United States, has signed a five-unit franchise development agreement.
With a range of music from Vivaldi and Couperin to the hip-hop rhythms of DJ Tal, Paradis is everything its name suggests, a place where video images of pink flamingos, zebras, wandering children, jovial grandmothers, and giants collide with a melting pot of dancers in a dreamlike state of euphoria.