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Impact melts and a central uplift, if any, also can affect local gravitational patterns.
Although the latter work well with some plastics, Zielnik from Atlas cautions that some resin melts are sticky or difficult to manipulate to obtain a clean cut.
Q We use the reduced pressure test (RPT) to measure gas porosity in our aluminum melt.
New reactive urethane hot-melt adhesives offer performance benefits formerly unobtainable with conventional thermoplastic hot melts.
Smith exploits these signals to look for changes in the length of the summer melt season.
Successful flux injection requires a properly constituted flux with a morphology that is granular and flows, and that melts only when it finally enters the melt.
Model 942 Eurotherm melt pressure controller has I/O selectability, alarming, retransmission, built-in transducer power supply, and communication capability.
Grieve and Cintala also suggest that unusually long channels discovered on Venus were carved by runny impact melts that overflowed crater walls and headed downhill for hundreds of kilometers.
An instrument that measures the elastic properties of plastic melts at realistic processing conditions was introduced late last year by the Maxwell Instrument Co.
A crystalline solid typically melts at a characteristic temperature.
The foundry melts both gray (class 30 and 35) and ductile (65-45-12, 80-55-06 and 100-70-03) iron and produces agricultural and construction components from 150-2200 lb.
Nylon 66 melts at about 500 F, typical tin-bismuth alloy at 281 F - though this is variable by tailoring the alloy ratio.