member of parliament

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How could it be argued that a member of parliament is in a fiduciary relationship with his or her constituents?
If a Member of Parliament says that no I don't know the subject then I am ashamed I feel sorry for the Member of Parliament.
Member of Parliament Abdullah Al-Turaiji, speaking against the grilling, said that despite the grilling, the government must find solutions highlighted in the grilling, most notably the issue of "illegal residents.
We have made progress in that area but I think we have, in our country, one of the most handcuffed systems in the world in terms of the lack of free votes for the ordinary member of Parliament.
If a Member of Parliament says that 'no I don't know the subject' then I am ashamed I feel sorry for the Member of Parliament.
Awut Deng Acuil, a member of parliament from Warrap state examined the agreement and recommended it to members, asking for them to reach a consensus to pass the agreement with two observations.
He added that communication with Member of Parliament Walid Jumblatt is proceeding to reach a consensus formula not affected by the might of arms, confirming that "Future" movement opposes the Orthodox meeting project because it cements sectarianism and confessionalism.
The IPU has followed closely the proceedings against the Member of Parliament through a trial observer and has expressed serious concerns.
Member of parliament from Ata-Jurt faction Jyldyz Joldosheva believes that if the events in southern Kyrgyzstan will be considered in an international court, it is her film "Koogalan" will save the members of the Interim Government from liability.
Summary: Beirut, Safar 27, 1432, Jan 31, 2011, SPA -- Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali bin Saeed bin Awad Asiri received here today Lebanese Member of Parliament (MP) Bahia Al-Hariri.
If some one who is not eligible to become member of parliament can become party head, CJP inquired.
They wrote letters to Members of Parliament and eventually got a leading member of Parliament to speak for them.

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