member of the Assembly

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But now in this government of Plato's there are no traces of a monarchy, only of an oligarchy and democracy; though he seems to choose that it should rather incline to an oligarchy, as is evident from the appointment of the magistrates; for to choose them by lot is common to both; but that a man of fortune must necessarily be a member of the assembly, or to elect the magistrates, or take part in the management of public affairs, while others are passed over, makes the state incline to an oligarchy; as does the endeavouring that the greater part of the rich may be in office, and that the rank of their appointments may correspond with their fortunes.
Only one member of the assembly in the smoking-room took the part of this much-abused woman, and declared that her character had been most cruelly and most unjustly assailed.
Other agendas include the appointment of former Tbong Khmum provincial governor Prach Chan as a member of the Assembly's Human Rights Commission on receiving complaints, investigation and National Assembly-Senate relations.
Advocate Dogar pointed out that in 21 countries of the world, including Australia, every member of the assembly was required to cast his/her vote in the election of prime minster.
Yazdi, a member of the Assembly, received 47 out of 73 votes during an election session, against one of his most notable rivals; former President Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, according to Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).
Jaffar stressed that every member of the assembly should have right to speak at the floor of the house as per its rules.
Berhane Kahsai, member of the Assembly, explaining the significance of participation of citizens in development programs, expressed the importance of stepping up the ongoing reforestation activities.
'Like every member of the Assembly I would be absolutely clear, and I was in the letter to Charles Clarke that I'm happy to make available, that you can't have Welsh treated differently in this way.
Brown, a member of the Assembly since 1964, will be forced to leave office in 1996.

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