member of the House

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This was because I nearly always assumed a character when I wrote; I must be a country squire, or an undergraduate, or a butler, or a member of the House of Lords, or a dowager, or a lady called Sweet Seventeen, or an engineer in India, else was my pen clogged, and though this gave my mother certain fearful joys, causing her to laugh unexpectedly (so far as my articles were concerned she nearly always laughed in the wrong place), it also scared her.
Such a little fish as me can swim in any bucket," he used to remark, and a member of the house from which old Sedley had seceded was very glad to make use of Mr.
It was no member of the House of Lords who swung swiftly and grimly through the tangled forest or trod with untiring muscles the wide stretches of open plain--it was a great he ape filled with a single purpose that excluded all thoughts of fatigue or danger.
This took place during a meeting with the Djiboutian President held for Yemeni member of the house of representatives Yasser Al-Awadi who is currently visiting Djibouti.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian lawmaker underlined that the British member of the House of Commons, Jack Straw, is due to visit Iran to pave the way for the normalization of ties between the two states.
Israel is a member of the House leadership and, in addition to his Democratic Congressional Campaign chairmanship, serves on the House Appropriations Committee.
Additionally the National Advisory Council to the People s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress strongly feel that the criteria for appointment of a new member of the House of Representatives should include the requirement that any candidate wishing to enter should hold only Fiji Citizenship, candidates with dual citizenship would be required to renounce all other citizenship prior to be sworn in as a member of the House of representatives.
Congressman Burton is a senior member of the House of Representatives, having served in the Congress for thirty years.
The meeting, convened by the Labour member of the House of Commons from the predominantly people of Indian origin constituency of Ealing-Southall Virendra Sharma, was presided over by Lord Paul.
But he will remain a member of the House of Lords and be entitled to vote on laws coming before Parliament, because there is no way of removing him without the intervention of the Queen.
Summary: Morocco on Tuesday summoned its ambassador to Italy following the arrest of Yahya Yahya, a member of the House of Advisors, in the Italian capital and the hasty verdict handed down against him.
is eligible to be a member of the House of Commons or shall sit or vote therein.

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