member of the family

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Shimerda grumbled, but realized it was important that one member of the family should learn English.
The change to this warm and cheerful place of shelter from the chilly and misty solitude of the moor is so luxuriously delightful that I am quite content, for the first few minutes, to stretch myself on a bed, in lazy enjoyment of my new position; without caring to inquire into whose house we have intruded; without even wondering at the strange absence of master, mistress, or member of the family to welcome our arrival under their hospitable roof.
whose is the house in which we are sheltered; and how is it that no member of the family appears to welcome us?
But now there was a member of the family who was permitted to travel and widen her horizon; and so each week there would be new personalities to talk about,--how so-and-so was dressed, and where she worked, and what she got, and whom she was in love with; and how this man had jilted his girl, and how she had quarreled with the other girl, and what had passed between them; and how another man beat his wife, and spent all her earnings upon drink, and pawned her very clothes.
To this the Baron replied, "I am the only member of the family living here, and I and the palace are entirely at your disposal.
And so, a member of the family she remained, and has held that position unchallenged ever since, and holds it now; for when my mother sent her here from San Bernardino when we learned that Cathy was coming, she only changed from one division of the family to the other.
The last member of the family was later delivered to the National Hospital in Bishkek and died there.
He said Islam forbids a man, where a brother or father, from killing a woman member of the family.
11, in Baghdad, an employee at Baghdad Mayoralty and a member of the family of Sahwa element killed.
The first-floor rooms at the hospice, based near Sully in the Vale of Glamorgan, offer accommodation to any member of the family who wishes to stay while their child receives the very best of specialist care in the Care wing on the ground floor.
A member of the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar since 1990, Gladstone has served on its executive council or as an officer for over 10 years, acting in a number of capacities including treasurer, co-chair and editor of the Publications Committee, and co-chair of the Legislation Committee.
I didn't go to university, Sherelle is the first member of the family to do so.

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