members of the bar

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"Several members of the bar are still to be heard, I believe?" says the Chancellor with a slight smile.
There was an outcry on the part of the older members of the Bar. The Ministry answered, "We want a man who is listened to in the House, and we have got him." The papers supported the new nomination.
It is on record that Theodore Roosevelt, at that time President of the United States, said in 1905 A.D., in his address at Harvard Commencement: "We all know that, as things actually are, many of the most influential and most highly remunerated members of the Bar in every centre of wealth, make it their special task to work out bold and ingenious schemes by which their wealthy clients, individual or corporate, can evade the laws which were made to regulate, in the interests of the public, the uses of great wealth."
"You sit there," he commanded, "it's reserved for members of the bar, but it's all right.
He has also congratulated the members of the bar for successfully launching their protest campaign against the previous decisions of the NJPMC in respect of both the issues, which has borne fruits and has culminated with acceptance of their demands.
Candidate for the president's slot Zahid Husain Shah and general secretary's Arfan Abbasi expressed their gratitude to the senior members of the bar, saying that with their support, they will secure victory in the polls.
In February, the IBP board of governors formed a task force "to investigate, document, prosecute or assist in the prosecution of cases involving the murder or violent assault against the members of the Bar and/or their families." "The apparent continued attacks on the members of the Bar, none of which had been successfully resolved or prosecuted, create an impression of impunity, wherein State forces appear indifferent and helpless, or, worse, in one case, even involved in such violent assaults," the IBP said.
George advocated for at least half of the judiciary to comprise members of the Bar at all levels and said the subordinate courts should also be opened to practising lawyers; magistrates and Sessions Court judges all currently come from the Judicial and Legal Services.
The cell was directed to approach universities within the country and abroad to verify law degrees held by members of the bar. It was decided that those lawyers with fake credentials will be implicated under criminal law and their licences will be cancelled.
'The sentence should serve as a deterrent to young lawyers like myself, SANs and other Senior members of the bar, ' he said.
All other members of the bar, including general secretary, were elected unopposed.
Sereno reminded members of the Bar to 'uphold the rule of law with integrity and professionalism, and to exercise the privilege of being members of the Bar, not with self-interest foremost but with unswerving dedication to the interests of the nation, the people and the public good.'

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