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I find that the Count Angelo Capello is opposed to our creed--is a teetotaler, in fact, and was not intending to apply for membership with us.
He desired to apologize to the gentlemen in the name of the house, and begged to assure him that as far as it might lie in the power of the Sons of Liberty, his temporary membership in the order would be made pleasant to him.
I am an aspirant to membership in the palace guard," I said, "and from yonder window in the tower where I was confined awaiting the final test for fitness I saw this brute attack the this woman.
Membership in the labor castes will become hereditary.
Did not his qualifications, his membership, and the record of his writings fill a long half-column in the "Medical Directory," from his first little paper on the "Gouty Diathesis" in 1859 to his exhaustive treatise upon "Affections of the Vaso-Motor System" in 1884?
He spent long hours in the Oakland and Berkeley libraries, and made out application blanks for membership for himself, his sisters Gertrude and Marian, and Jim, the latter's consent being obtained at the expense of several glasses of beer.
Then, you were to pay up your subscription, get your card of membership and your riband and medal, and were evermore to live upon a platform, and evermore to say what Mr.
TO INCREASE membership and better serve members' needs, APHA is revitalizing its membership structure.
Members will receive a $10 coupon towards VSNA products, programs or membership for each nurse recruited that joins ANA/VSNA.
NAI's new institutional membership may be the right move for you.
She is membership coordinator for the Field Support Department and provides support to state and local Leagues, helps maintain national organizational information and systems, administers tax deductible accounts and supports departmental work on membership service, database management and membership/League development.
Both Kerber and Lee have had extensive experience--and success--with online marketing and membership sites.

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