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For $50 more you can add another regular membership (no limit on how many $50 memberships you can add).
We also offer annual memberships determined by your local Unit as well as annual memberships for eligible children under 17 for $3 per year.
Cedar Green and Pine Grove both enjoyed unprecedented growth in memberships, partly because of this vision.
Communicators in the same organization can take advantage of discounted memberships through corporate packages, and the Purchasing Power Parity initiative passed by the Executive Board has created a fairer dues structure for members outside the United States.
The inspectors of election shall determine the number of memberships outstanding, and the voting power of each, the number represented at the meeting, the existence of a quorum and the authenticity, validity and effect of proxies, receive votes, ballots or consents, hear and determine all challenges and questions in any way arising in connection with the right to vote, count and tabulate all votes or consents, determine when the polls shall close, determine the result and do such acts as may be proper to conduct the election or vote with fairness to all members.
PIMA now offers Multi-Year Memberships to add increased value for our members.
Each time, they flew on a private jet--an eight-seat Citation X provided, along with a pilot, by Marquis Jet Partners, one of several companies now selling memberships for private-jet travel.
The 28-year-old has memberships at Tanny's and 24 Hour Fitness.
Three types of ACA memberships are available to individuals:
At the 1930 Kansas City meeting, the matter of memberships was again reviewed and a radical change was made from the original structure.
The benefits provided to student and individual members (such as the organization's magazine and discounts in its gift shop) exceed the cost of their memberships.
If approved by the memberships of both AFS and ACMA, the target date for the merger to be completed is Dec 31, 1990.