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Of note, these compounds compete with estradiol-peroxidase conjugate for binding to estrogen membrane receptors and exert agonist effects through diverse transduction pathways in different cell contexts (Nadal et al.
It has been shown that several membrane receptors are present in the oocyte; for instance, the receptors to acetylcholine, angiotensin II, receptors to a serum factor, and to divalent cations (Miledi et al.
Identity of an estrogen membrane receptor coupled to a G protein in human breast cancer cells.
Thienopyridines interfere with ADP binding to platelet membrane receptor [P2Y.
Cosalane halts HIV infection by preventing an HIV surface protein called gp 120 from attaching to a membrane receptor on white blood cells, Cushman says.
She will also investigate interactions of proteins with lipids using coarse grained simulations and in a systems biology approach interactions with other proteins to define the human membrane receptor interactome by establishing new collaborations within the division and with the Chemistry department.
Scientists have for the last quarter century studied the intestinal membrane receptor protein, guanylyl cyclase-C (GC-C) for its role in diarrheal disease and other intestinal functions, according to Mitchell Cohen, M.
Nongenomic actions of estrogens and xenoestregens by binding at a plasma membrane receptor unrelated to estrogen receptor alpha and estrogen receptor beta.
To my knowledge, this is the first example of the contribution of an intracellular kinase to the binding activity of a membrane receptor complex.
It is possible that the ncmER found in the endocrine pancreas may be a seven-transmembrane domain GPCR, as is the case with the orphan receptor GPR30, which behaves as an estrogen membrane receptor in breast cancer cells (Thomas et al.
JuneBiedler of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York studied 12 cell lines from mouse, human and hamster cancers and found that not only p-glycoprotein but also another protein, sorcin, and a cell membrane receptor, epidermal growth factor, were present in high concentrations.
Evotec reported screening over 250,000 unique compounds on live cells with an assay designed to detect the internalization of a novel membrane receptor.

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