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A 26-year-old Paphos man was fined a total of e1/4700 for possession and use of cannabis after police found four dried plants in his home, which he told them were mementos from the days he used the drug.
Understand the symbolism and the significance of the memento mori becomes much more apparent.
MEMENTO is the world's first 3D printed, fully customizable video jewelry piece.
This memento ended up with my mother, who would quite like to reunite it with Lieut.
Pieces will also be delivered to all 57 schools in Newport as a memento.
Mementos were presented to members of the outgoing committee of 2012-13 and trophies to winners of various competitions.
23 April 2012 - US banking and payments technologies provider Fidelity National Information Services Inc (NYSE:FIS) said on Monday it had taken over local risk manager ICS Risk Advisors and fraud management service provider Memento Inc.
The top winner of each section will receive a grand prize, which includes a golden memento and 10,000 euros in cash.
Encore has released Memento Task seating to complement the previous introduction of the Memento Executive and Conference series.
has announced the various contests like Constro 2012 Entrance Gate Design, Constro Memento Design & Photography competition for Engineering and Architectural colleges and Design schools in Maharashtra.
Do you have pictures, letters or any other memento from relatives who perished in the Holocaust?
8 billion Utah institution has recently deployed the Memento Security platform, which Memento Inc.