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Her daily tweets about memento mori (which is Latin for "remember your death") contained quotes and insights that have inspired others to remember death daily.
Production of an annual statistics and indicators memento of the french regions in the field of youth, sports, community life and social cohesion.
The special memento, commissioned by Town chairman Dean Hoyle, is a scaled down bronze replica of Schindler's boot which struck the history-making penalty which saw Town promoted to the Premier League.
as well as shields and certificates and mementoes among the players.
He also presented a memento plaque, on behalf of the Indian community, to the team officials.
"Everybody Knows' is produced by Alexandre Mallet-Guy at Memento Films Production and Eulvaro Longoria at Morena Films.
Bennett-Carpenter introduces and provides context for the phenomenon of memento mori, its features, and its functions, with special attention to how it is referenced by documentary films.
Against this biblical backdrop, as well as other religious and humanist texts J emphasizing the fleeting aspects of earthly life, a genre of art arose to prominence in the Middle Ages called "memento mori," a Latin admonition to remember that everyone must die.
Includes transfers and flights from Santa Marina Hotel | CORFU: Broadway Travel; 020 3368 6355) offers seven nights at the four-star Memento Kassiopi Resort all-inclusive) from PS259 per person (two sharing) - saving up to PS204 (44%).
Drug squad officers, who raided his residence in September 2014 discovering four dried cannabis plants, were told by the man that he had kept them as a memento as he no longer smoked the stuff.
They collect antiques that go by the generic title of memento mori, Latin for "Remember you will die".
Kent, OH, June 09, 2016 --( 13 days remain in the MEMENTO kickstarter campaign by mode++, a NE Ohio fashion technology company.