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But he must be friendly," reassured Clayton, "for he has returned your letter, nor did he offer to harm you, and unless I am mistaken he left a very substantial memento of his friendship outside the cabin door last night, for I just found the carcass of a wild boar there as I came out.
That is my last memento of royalty" said he; "and I'm glad to get rid of it.
I'll een receive it, if ye like, as a bit Memento o' the time when I was o' some sma' sairvice to ye at the hottle.
She had been his wife's friend, and, as such, he had given her that silver vinaigrette as a memento.
His eyes flushed and he threw up one hand, swiftly, to guard his head from the expected blow)--'this little memento.
I wanted to go to Aquila--the opposite of Rome in every respect, and actually founded in a spirit of enmity towards that city (just as I also shall found a city some day), as a memento of an atheist and genuine enemy of the Church--a person very closely related to me,--the great Hohenstaufen, the Emperor Frederick II.
Osborne Todd on his cards and became a man of decided fashion), while Miss Osborne had accompanied Miss Maria Todd to the font, and gave her protegee a prayer-book, a collection of tracts, a volume of very low church poetry, or some such memento of her goodness every year.
With the date of their wedding-day engraved inside, several gentlemen have preferred it to any other kind of memento.
I thought the pen had been a good pen and that it had done enough for me, and so, with the idea of keeping it for a sort of memento on which I could look later with tender eyes, I put it into my waistcoat pocket.
Her robbing a little innocent child, dressed fine by the vanity of the mother, to go to the dancing-school, is a good memento to such people hereafter, as is likewise her picking the gold watch from the young lady's side in the Park.
There was something in this simple memento of a blighted childhood, and in the tenderness of Mrs Boffin, that touched the Secretary.
I was thunderstruck at this, for it was the only memento that I had of her.