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The exchange - and others obtained through an open records request - do not directly contradict anything Patrick has claimed so far about his office's involvement in the memo.
However the memo, which was kept private until the NRA got hold of the document, states that exempting already possessed assault weapons wouldn't have much impact on gun violence, since so many rifles of this type are already in the hands of Americans.
This memo has enhanced our belief that had the Lebanese government been under the administration of the March 14 group, it would have taken Lebanon to war with Syria and also to destruction -- something that achieves the goals of this group's masters," added Raad, also the head of Hezbollah's bloc in Parliament.
The Pakistani-American businessman also claimed to have drafted the memo after Haqqani gave him points and requested to deliver it to Admiral Mike Mullen.
I have talked to most of those enlisted in memo," said UML Politburo member and Office Secretary Gangalal Tuladhar adding, "They objected to the memo and dubbed it as anti-party activity.
Jennifer Daskal, senior counterterrorism counsel at Human Rights Watch, called the memo "incredibly disturbing.
Opposition leaders said the memo revealed ministers were not being "honest and straightforward" with officers, and the Police Federation accused ministers of betrayal.
While preparing for trial, the IRS attorney assigned to the case prepared a memo to the National Office asking for its advice.
Attorneys for Home Depot's public-relations firm, Dakota Communications, have sent letters to two Sunland-Tujunga residents asking them to remove from a Web site an internal memo outlining a strategy to stack the City Council chambers with supporters.
For instance, an analysis of our e-mail system showed that we had about a dozen employees who routinely deleted important memos without reading them--in one case a full year after the memo was sent.
Islamist and/or militia groups" have begun to exercise effective control over much of Baghdad, the memo reports.