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16 ( ANI ): Former First Ladies in Arab countries are publishing their memoirs to audiences who have a keen interest in reading about what the once-powerful women have to say, a new phenomenon started after the Arab spring.
We are delighted by the opportunity Valve is giving us to bring Memoir '44 Online to the Steam community," explained Eric Hautemont, CEO of Days of Wonder.
Blake Morrison is a master of the memoir form and has written both about his relationship with his father in And When Did You Last See Your Father?
If I have a bone to pick with Yagoda, it's that his view of memoir veracity may be a little too nuanced.
While this memoir makes a notable attempt at offering an honest look at Curtis Jackson, you may still be left wondering about the man behind 50 Cent.
Is he saying that memoir is a nobler art form than fiction?
This heartfelt memoir of how an African American ex-IBM executive became a best-selling novelist makes a solemn but inspiring tale for mature readers.
My Life' has generated seven times the amount of pre-orders for the online retailer than his wife Hilary Clinton's memoir 'Living History' which was released in 2003.
Settling old scores is often a prime motivation for writing one's memoir, and Helms has a list of betes noires: President Richard M.
In Fugitive Days, Ayers, now a Distinguished Professor of Education at the University of Illinois, Chicago, offer s a memoir focused on the decade from 1965 to 1975.
Probably because he is a scholar of literary narrative, Michael Awkward is more forthcoming than most autobiographers are about the goals and strategies of his new memoir, Scenes of Instruction.
Safley brilliantly deploys the memoir as a bi-focal lens, both to ferret out the individuality of a quintessentially bourgeois merchant, yet also to reflect on shifting demography, fluctuating economy, hardening confessional rivalry, and social stratification in Augsburg as it shrank from the once-glittering Renaissance center to a bourgeois backwater.