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Michelle Obama recently teased her upcoming memoir, "Becoming," which will be released on Nov.
com)-- In recent years, there has been an explosion in the popularity of memoir writing.
Pauline Wengeroff, author of Memoirs of a Grandmother, was a 19th-century Russian Jewish philanthropist and Zionist.
THE TOPIC: Mary Karr, whose best-selling The Liars Club helped spark the popularity in literary memoirs, has taught literature and writing for 30 years.
Gill Parkes, principal archivist at Durham County Record Office, said: "It's taken a lot of work to transcribe George's memoirs but it's such a worthwhile task.
Dembowski, in his two-pronged memoir, Memoirs Red and White, provides an engrossing glimpse into his early life growing up in Poland prior to World War II and his subsequent immigration to Canada and eventually the United States.
The shortlist is an eclectic bunch andincludes a graphic novel, essay collection, two histories, two memoirs, and a novel:
Among the better-known productions of their forebears was Lady Strachey's edition of the journals of her aunt, Memoirs of a Highland Lady, which is "regarded as an invaluable social document of late eighteenth and early nineteenth highland life recalled by a woman" (42).
There have been memoirs about writing and memoirs about being an editor, but there is no other book quite like "Publishing: A Writer's Memoir" for aspiring writers and book lovers everywhere.
Also available as an ebook, Memoirs of an Elf is a whimsical children's picturebook from the perspective of a hardworking Christmas elf.
Like most autobiographies, memoirs are written from the first-person point of view.
In this scholarly study of the phenomenal increase in the publication of memoirs over the past 10 years in North America, Rak (English, film studies, University of Alberta) looks at the memoir as a product and a part of mass culture.