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learnability, memorability, effectiveness and efficiency.
Meter has aided poetry's memory or mnemonic function, its memorability that has allowed it to serve as a just repository for mankind's most enduring stories and as a fitting medium for the interior exploration and contemplation of the self and the soul.
The physical shape of a tablet can help alleviate this potential confusion and be an effective way to communicate some of these differences, while also improving brand memorability. In fact, the FDA guidance document, "Safety Considerations for Product Design to Minimize Medication Errors," highlights the importance of size, shape and product appearance alongside other factors, collectively referred to as product design or user interface elements such as strength and dosage form.
There are cases though where advertisers choose to retain particular icons, colours and signage over time to create a different kind of memorability and presence in the public imagination (a noteworthy example of this is the Amul Butter campaign in India which has maintained a certain consistency over the years with topical ads that are enjoyed for their subtle social and political commentary on current affairs through caricatures and puns).
Spaces, sites and monuments that are located in public spaces unpretentiously, have an important role in creating a sense of survival, memorability and place making and is important in development of individual and collective behaviors (Rodrigo 2011).
Usability mainly involves operability, learnability, and memorability. In educational software, the reasonable arrangement and classification of various multimedia data resources can also help users find required teaching resources quickly and accurately.
Existing Password Managers which are generally classified into Desktop, Online and Mobile are used for enhancing security and handling memorability of passwords by different categories of users.
A usability criterion is derived into several attributes as following: usability can be evaluated by efficiency, leamability, memorability, error tolerance and user satisfaction attributes.
The current appearance of the program is - to be developed - inter alia in terms of recognizability and memorability...
The evaluation was conducted by 28expert panelists of the leading editors and golf professionals, selected by Golf Digest Middle East magazine, based on seven basic criteria included shots values, diversity of design, resistance to scoring, memorability, aesthetics, conditioning and ambience.
This set me thinking that, fine though many may be, very few contemporary poets in English are truly memorable, whereas memorability (achieved when a poem's music is a crucial part of its meaning) is essential to any good poem for younger children.
c) Memorability: how much users can remember about how to use the system after a period of absence