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The finding that activating the sexual meaning of DE words by the presence of sexual primes increases the memorability of DE words illustrates how sexual meaning influences fundamental cognitive processes.
Gratification items referred to availability of resources, flexibility in time and space, novelty of approach, multiple modes of interaction, real goal and life-semblance tasks, challenging activities, and memorability of experiences.
Use variety and literary devices to reinforce memorability, not to confuse or detract.
An analysis of a social norms marketing campaign looking at 'print media' as the channel of communication came to a conclusion that salientness, understandability and memorability were important aspects than the positive attitude conveyed by advertisement campaign for reduction in drinking (Russel, Clap & Dejong, 2005).
Sure it's the seventh day of the seventh month of the seventh year of the millennium -- giving it near perfect symmetry and memorability.
As it turned out, the purpose of the survey was to test the memorability and potential effectiveness of some of the ads that appeared in the most recent issue of the magazine.
The study also found that respondents in the Low Uncertainty Avoidance group had higher Memorability Path scores than those in the High Uncertainty Avoidance group.
Memorability denotes how well users are able to retain what they have learned about using the prototype and how they can reapply this knowledge on another use of the prototype.
A related issue is the predictability and memorability of the portal's URL.
The problem, according to top memorizer Andi Bell who has been World Memory Champion on three separate occasions, is that the amount of time spent on a name for the company can affect its basic memorability and therefore how well its customers can remember what it is called.
That use of mnemonic phraseology is the key to good codes, according to The Memorability and Security of Passwords--Some Empirical Results.
Memorability You want your logo to make a lasting impression.