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Effectiveness, efficiency, understandability, flexibility, learnability, and memorability are the objective usability attributes linked to navigation property category.
If recognition scores are not measures of memorability, what are they?
There are obvious benefits for tourism, including ease of recognition and sheer memorability which will allow us to achieve greater stand-out in the markets and will bring increased efficiencies in terms of promotion and search engine optimisation.
It's billed as the perfect alliance of elegance and memorability.
There is an amazing grasp of structure (often self-invented during the composition, but so convincing), an heroism of utterance, a memorability of thematic construction throughout these Preludes, Studies, Waltzes, Scherzos, Ballades, Nocturnes, Mazurkas, Polonaises (these last two Polish danceforms examples of his proud nationalism), and the rest, too many genre pieces to mention.
In order to create that memorability, the message should be a creative one, and it should be used consistently from one marketing tool to the next.
THIS STUDY FOCUSES on three aspects that should be at the center of investigation about advertising: (1) its memorability or recall, (2) the relationship between recall and likability, and (3) whether recall and likability are linked with an advertisement's creativity.
Ultimately, the usability of any product, interface or physical environment can be understood by to these five components - learnability, efficiency, memorability, errors (prevention and correction) and satisfaction.
The poem has a childlike quality to it but is as solid as a stone in the hand and is typical of Rossetti's talent for memorability.
It was important to raise awareness of Bite Size Intros, what they are and that they are free, fun and friendly, alongside developing a co-ordinated brand image that is relevant to the audience and which maximises impact, frequency, values and memorability.
While many of the Super Bowl advertisers had "all the right moves" in terms of technical prowess -- swift pacing and of-the-moment editing and graphics -- the core messages were weak and lacked memorability.