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William and Kate may make the year even more memorable by announcing their third child is on way the way.
Memorable moment: The giggle before Hungry Like The Wolf kicks in.
For Jonathan, the most memorable year is the one when he lost both his parents.
But the program could also be used to make faces appear less memorable, so that a film's background actors don't distract from the stars, for example.
This person has communicated in a memorable way that she works only with successful companies.
SOTC offers memorable experiences that go beyond the ordinary.
In general, images with people in them are the most memorable, followed by images of human-scale space - such as the produce aisle of a grocery store - and close-ups of objects.
But may I indulge myself in two memorable events, both out of the ordinary.
Other memorable royal TV moments have included Prince Charles reading his own children's story The Old Man of Lochnagar on BBC's Jackanory and Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, moving to a Hull council estate in ITV's The Duchess in Hull earlier this year.
It remains more memorable than Sir David Frost's 1977 interviewwith post- Watergate Richard Nixon.