memorable part

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PULP FIcTION (1994) A small but memorable part for Willis as a boxer who refuses to throw a fight.
The most memorable part of the season for Levine, however, was ending St.
The most memorable part was walking through the smoke out onto the stage, when suddenly you're out there, the music starts and you can see the audience in front of you.
AAFTER The Professionals Lewis's most memorable part was in the film Who Dares Wins.
The only memorable part of his two-year spell under Gordon Strachan at Southampton was getting Sol Campbell sent off as Arsenal lost 3-2 at St Mary's in November 2002 - and he admits that was the "highlight" of his spell in England.
There was time for a trip down a Scottish memory lane as David recalled one of his trips to Glasgow with a little help from Glaswegian caller Jane, who told him: "My most memorable part of your career was when you played in Glasgow in Shawfield stadium.
But I've always believed the aftermath was the most memorable part.
He is also still moved by the death of Princess Diana, after which he played such a memorable part.
But for me the most memorable part of that trip was the sense of tantalizing isolation, of feeling distinctly unmoored in a way that was both exhilarating and unsettling.