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MEMORIAL. A petition or representation made by one or more individuals to a legislative or other body. When such instrument is addressed to a court, it is called a petition.

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Between 1920 and 1925, every municipal council in France erected a memorial to its local dead--36,000 monuments composing a collective cenotaph in memory of the 1.
the cost of the memorial project from $973 million.
The idea of memorial trees in this country began around the time of the signing of the Armistice, when according to AMERICAN FORESTS' then-chairman Charles Lathrop Pack, "the people of the United States adopted the tree as their token of tribute.
Rampe will coordinate with Sciame to meet this deadline and ensure the memorial is complete by September 11, 2009.
Although the memorial trees movement took on a life of its own then, Americans have for centuries used trees as a symbol.
The LMDC has set aside $200 million for the memorial out of funds made available by Congress for rebuilding Lower Manhattan and another $130 million has been raised by the WTC Memorial Foundation.