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"Additionally, we were able to study memorialization through the many museums, monuments, and peace parks.
Iglesias Utset's essay on the afterlives of the destroyed US battleship Maine explores the way memory and international relations intersected in the politicized memorialization of the ship's remains.
Traumatic events are neither automatically recognized and memorialized by collectivities (Alexander 2003), nor is the manner of their memorialization reducible to mere ideological superstructure.
Memorialization of the gifting of the LLC ownership interest consists of a series of interrelated steps.
Scholars are increasingly interested in how violence is remembered, both at private and collective levels, and the role that place and landscape play in the memorialization process (Schramm, 2011).
Might thoughtful journalistic coverage also venture just a touch beyond pure memorialization, perhapsa...
The poems in The High Caul Cap were written during the long illness of the poet's mother, whose eventual death haunts the volume, and they present the relations of mothers and daughters with great complexity, not simple nostalgia or factual memorialization. The poet's mother is imagined in the
The report said that Facebook allows users to submit a memorialization request and turn a deceased person's account into a memorial page, but as it can be prone to mistakes as in one incidence, the owner of the page wasn't actually dead.
Chapters discuss how the courts and the media helped spur a greater focus on issues of justice and memory in the second decade of transition; the judicial politics of human rights cases involving violations from the Pinochet era; the deployment of torture as public policy before, during, and after Pinochet; processes of memorialization as lenses into contemporary Chilean politics; the historiographical debates that arose with the 2006 death of Pinochet; and continuing divides in Chilean attitudes, memories, and judgments about the Pinochet years.
With his new book on memorialization and the formation of transnational identities, Alan Rice makes an important contribution to the burgeoning field of Black Studies in Europe.
At a time when "Holocaust consciousness" was not yet on the horizon, the DP camps of Germany, Austria, and Italy served as crucial sites of documentation and memorialization. The "historical commissions" formed by activists in the DP camps and studied by Laura Jockusch produced sources and documentary material later used by YIVO in the United States and Yad Vashem in Israel.
This can come in the form of recruiting friends and colleagues to join, in addition to memorialization and dedication contributions.