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Your legacy contact will be able to delete your account or memorialize it.
Initially, the two founders marketed Cloud Memorials toward millennials, believing that it would be a perfect platform for digital natives to memorialize the loved ones that they have lost.
From noon to midnight, with seatings at two-hour intervals, hundreds of performers will memorialize the plight of those living with, and lost to, the deadly HIV virus.
plant the tree and memorialize their loved one wherever and whatever way they want.
Within the fold of the lodge, veterans were free to relive and memorialize the activities of their wartimes among sympathetic compatriots.
We memorialize our first patriots - blacksmiths and farmers, slaves and freedmen - who never knew the independence they won with their lives," Obama said.
But there are always images, which commemorate or memorialize the effort at effective dissent.
To memorialize Bridge, Rorem has resurrected two songs from that set, placing them in an entirely new context by adding seven more of Larson's poems to form a scintillating cycle for countertenor Brian Asawa, who also sings the earlier From an Unknown Past (transcribed especially for him).
Crosses mark some trees to memorialize specific missing soldiers.