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Initially, the two founders marketed Cloud Memorials toward millennials, believing that it would be a perfect platform for digital natives to memorialize the loved ones that they have lost.
=93The State of Israel memorializes political leaders from a wide spectrum= =94 and should include Rabbi Kahane, who =93acted for the good of the peopl= e and the country,=94 Ben-Ari stated.
Saddam Hussein may have been despised by his people but the Iraqi government still intends to memorialize him as it planned to open a museum filled with weapons, statues, paintings, furniture and artifacts that belonged to the nation's toppled dictator, officials announced Saturday.
It is wrong to use the symbol of only one faith to memorialize those who died in service to their country."
Then they select a person or event to memorialize and write a five-page research paper.
Robert Erwin, a local skate shop owner, said many of Costello's students and peers in the skating community wanted to find a way to memorialize him.
A cross section of stereotypes gathers in a West Hollywood, Calif., living room to memorialize their saintly friend Boomie and to mull the question "Is life gay after 40?" But drinking, cruising, and dishing about movie stars is all these guys seem to do, even after death.
Recently, an Iraqi sculptor was charged with the task of creating a statue to memorialize Americans who had given their life in Iraq.
The anniversary experienced a crisis of generational transmission in the 1820s and 1830s that gave it new meanings and stakeholders, becoming used to memorialize the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 and to assert the antebellum elite's claims to social exclusivity and civic leadership.
Since it is not the practice of the Academy to memorialize its Corresponding Fellows, the editor has supplied an appreciation of Vladimir Minorsky, who was technically a Corresponding Fellow of the USSR, even though a resident of Great Britain.
And though there were plenty of heroes to memorialize, it's hard to do positive cartoons.
We prefer to memorialize him not as a boy of summer but as a man who, in some mysterious transmutation of the human spirit, matured into a wondrous man for all seasons.