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com/help/103897939701143) memorialized Facebook account has the word "Remembering" next to the person's name on their profile page.
4 billion users, won't say how many accounts are memorialized, though Facebook product manager Vanessa Callison-Burch said there have been ''hundreds of thousands'' of requests from loved ones to do so.
Seconds later, the film displays footage of a government building that stood at the epicenter of the Hiroshima nuclear catastrophe, the ravaged husk of which has been left standing, memorialized as the A-Bomb Dome.
Once a policy has been selected as the "optimum" choice for that client, that policy is selected as the "winner" and the analysis of the candidate policies is memorialized in the client history file for future reference/justification of the selection.
How was Fudgie ever going to be memorialized on that mural with his pal Barney unless he was around when the school bell rang?
Overall, Ackermann memorialized his impulse to transform uniformity into entropic disarray - gesture that took on special meaning when you realized it was that of a drifting German witnessing the contradictory sprawl of Los Angeles.
At the Settlement Hearing, the Court approved the terms of the settlement memorialized in the Stipulation and Agreement of Compromise, Settlement and Release of Claims, dated December 30, 2005 (the "Stipulation") and entered the Order and Final Judgment (the "Judgment") effectively ending this legal action for the previously agreed upon $7.
Names of the 700 fallen memorialized on the wall, located at the top of a hill at the park, were read after the ceremonies.
Volunteers can be requested to go on-site, and affected regions can obtain information about the work and experiences of CEDAT teams memorialized by AIACC and several chapters.
So far, she has memorialized dogs, cats and even hamsters.
His work with the National and Texas Associations of Health Underwriters is memorialized each year with TAHU's top honor - The Hollis Roberson Award.
Daniel Elkins will also be memorialized in a scholarship.