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MEMORIAL. A petition or representation made by one or more individuals to a legislative or other body. When such instrument is addressed to a court, it is called a petition.

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In short, despite Hu's memorially inflected rhetoric directed at national branding and partisan aggrandizement, its underlying incongruities vis-a-vis China's domestic and international circumstances were far from reassuring indexes of the PRC's political stability, ideological sustainability, and social credibility as an ancient, emergent power.
True, it later emerged that on one or two occasions during the debate Gore had also memorially "embellished" his past, as he has been known to do before--remembering a trip to Texas with the director of FEMA which he had not taken and claiming that a schoolgirl in Sarasota, Florida, had to stand in class because of overcrowding when it was in fact for only one day, as a result of the installation of some new lab equipment.
On the assumption that what was testimonially learned and is memorially preserved can justify believing a proposition someone attests to, it may be that many people reach a point at which, for everything they justifiedly come to believe on the basis of testimony, they do have some degree of justification grounded independently of the testimony in question.
It contains allusions to things that happened after Marlowe's death and may contain the additions for which Rowley and Bird were paid by Henslowe in November 1602; but the tragic scenes are so remarkably free from errors, that it is impossible to believe that they were memorially reconstructed.
Artistically and memorially, then, black Africa and white Vienna are really the same location; Beethoven and Hapshepsut are parents of the same process of artistic self-fashioning that created Adrienne Kennedy and her work.