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Moza Naseeb, General Coordinator of The Ber Quran Memorisation Project for Females, paid tribute to the Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Centre for Quran Service for supporting the programme and teaching the Quran to as many learners as possible.
Talking about the numerous achievments the old centre had made over the last 15 years in the service of Islam, Naseeb said: "Our memorisers here have brilliantly secured top positions in most of the Quran contests held across the country, and over 350 new students of all ages and nationalities join Quran memorisation courses every year.
Les deuxieme et troisieme places de la premiere categorie sont revenues respectivement aux Marocains Mohcin Ghachioui et Abdelhakim Chadli, alors que dans celles de memorisation de cinq hizb sont allees a Ahmed El Khaldi (Maroc) et Mohamed Salah Zaki Al Ouakil (Egypte).
The minister honoured the Sultanate's first five winners in Quran Memorisation Competition for this academic year, the teachers who supervised the competition, principals of the winning schools, and the first supervisors.
The delegation members expressed appreciation to the minister for his support and affirmed that their achievement affirms the Kingdom of Bahrain's care for Quran memorisation.
Elaborating his Quran study technique, Alhamri said he used to learn one or two pages everyday at a Quran study centre at the hands of many scholars who not only helped him with memorisation but also with the art of recitation.
Dubai A visually-impaired contestant finds peace through his Quran memorisation, dedicating his miracle to the heartbreaking tragedy of losing his mother a year ago.
He said in the first level for full memorisation of the Holy Quran, Kawkab bint Abdullah Al Hashimiyah from the wilayat of JaEoe1/4aolan came first, while Mohammed bin Zahran Al IsmaEoe1/4aoily from the wilayat of Nizwa came second and Ahmed bin Salim Al Kharousi from the wilayat of Sinaw third.
Tunis, May 4 (BNA)-- Bahrain will take part in the 14th edition of Tunisia's International Holy Quran Memorisation and Recitation Competition in which 23 Arab and Islamic countries are participating.
Summary: While some students may find memorisation of the Holy Quran an extra homework, some others believe it is their way to success.
The Supreme Islamic Affairs Council is organizing the four-day conference in cooperation with the Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Ministry and the Holy Quran Memorisation International Organisation.
Summary: RAS AL KHAIMAH -- His Highness Shaikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, has stressed the keenness of the leadership in supporting the Holy Quran Memorisation Centres in promoting religious awareness, Islamic culture, moderation and tolerance.