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Since ancient times, humans have memorised and recited poetry.
44 HOW TO MEMORISE MULTIPLE DECKS OF CARDS In 2002 I memorised the order of 54 decks (2,808 cards) that had been shuffled into each other and dealt out just once.
1980: Memorised staggering 20,013 numbers in sequence at Saltscar School, Redcar.
In 1987 his name went in the Guinness Book of Records after he memorised the order of six packs of shuffled playing cards seen just once.
Since breaking the record, Mr Carvello has successfully memorised and recited 18 numbers he has seen for just two seconds, although this will not feature in the book.
Eldest of the two, Fatima, 15, memorised the whole of Quran at the age of 12 and is certified by Al Noor Centre, Dubai, while Ayesha, 11, has completed five parts.
Hamza Yousef Mohammad Saidawi, a 15-year-old representing Jordan in the 18th edition of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award competition, said he memorised the holy book in just two years.
He memorised the Quran at the age of 13, accomplishing the task of committing to memory all 604 pages, 114 chapters and 6,236 verses of the Quran in just over two years.
All 11 members of the Mohammed family have astoundingly memorised the Holy Quran for happiness in life and the Hereafter as advised by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
I started my journey with the Holy Quran when I was at nursery school, and I memorised five parts of the Quran when I was nine.
Summary: The Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA) on Wednesday honoured three inmates who memorised the complete Holy Quran on the 11th anniversary of the Inmate Quran Programme.
Most of my seven brothers and two sisters have memorised the Quran with the help of our father.