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The contest judges the best memorisers and reciters of the Quran from participating countries.
Ibrahim Mohammed Bu Melha, head of the DIHQA organising committee and Adviser to the Ruler of Dubai for Cultural and Humanitarian Affairs, said no effort is spared to discover, encourage, sponsor and train Emirati Quran memorisers of all ages.
According to a top official, applications from only full Quran memorisers shall be accepted over the period from Tuesday, October 06 until Thursday, November 12, and tests will kick off one week later.
Dubai - After 20 days of valuable lectures and relentless examinations, the organising committee of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA) announced the names of the top ten Quran memorisers of the 19th edition.
They used to frequently encourage and reward me and my little brother with money and gifts to win this honour and be part of the shiny procession of Quran memorisers.
Al Falasi said that separate classes have been assigned for fresh Quran memorisers and advanced learners, besides full Quran memorisers who are prepared for accreditation in the 10 schools of Qiraat or recitation.
The 21-year-old Sharia student at the Judge Eyadh University comes from a family of Quran memorisers with his five siblings also having completed memorising the holy book.
One of the biggest competitions of its kind, in terms of prize money and participation, Dihqa is a dream platform for young memorisers of the Holy Quran from across the globe.
The Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Ministry calls on people in Bahrain to attend the concluding ceremony of the contest in support of the Holy Quran memorisers.
Relax yourself and if you are so keen on sponsoring memory skills why don't you sponsor a few memorisers yourself?
Summary: The final list of nominees for the 'Most Beautiful Recitation' contest, held on the sidelines of the main competition, included ten out of 76 full Quran female memorisers who were recognised for their tuneful and perfect Quran recitation.
The society has also run a special ceremony for Quran memorisers, teachers, and new Muslim converts.