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Summary: Applications from only full Quran memorisers shall be accepted over the period from October 06 until November 12, and tests will kick off one week later.
It was followed by videos about DIHQA's history, an exemplary Quran memoriser, and Dr Al Tayyeb.
Dubai - After 20 days of valuable lectures and relentless examinations, the organising committee of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA) announced the names of the top ten Quran memorisers of the 19th edition.
They used to frequently encourage and reward me and my little brother with money and gifts to win this honour and be part of the shiny procession of Quran memorisers.
Mentally impaired memorisers will be able to compete in the other category," which is open for all nationalities with no age limit as well.
Naik paid profound thanks to Sheikh Mohammed for his patronage and support of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award, which he said, is gaining in momentum and publicity among young Quran memorisers across the world, particularly Islamic countries.
Nowthat he is amemory champion, Dominic is sharing his skills, having recently co-founded the Schools Memory Championships to help pupils develop mental skills by learning the same techniques used by the top memorisers.
In most cases, rote memorisers are the ones who score.
Shaikha Mariam lauded the growing number of female Holy Quran memorisers graduates every year, describing it as a source of pride given its benefits for the individual and the community.
I am honoured to have this precious chance and compete in this grand international award which attracts Quran memorisers from across the globe, and it is my first participation abroad," said Gani, who is a student of jurisprudence at the Umm Al Qura University, Makkah.
Relax yourself and if you are so keen on sponsoring memory skills why don't you sponsor a few memorisers yourself?
Manama, June 13 (BNA): The Holy Quran Affairs Directorate will hold on June 15 its annual celebration to honour memorisers of the Holy Quran in the annual evaluation 2014.