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Al Falasi said that separate classes have been assigned for fresh Quran memorisers and advanced learners, besides full Quran memorisers who are prepared for accreditation in the 10 schools of Qiraat or recitation.
The 21-year-old Sharia student at the Judge Eyadh University comes from a family of Quran memorisers with his five siblings also having completed memorising the holy book.
Taking part in such a prestigious competition is a dream of all Quran memorisers, it is an ultimate experience for all of us who are here," said Hamame, who completed memorising the 114 chapters long holy book at the age of nine.
Summary: The final list of nominees for the 'Most Beautiful Recitation' contest, held on the sidelines of the main competition, included ten out of 76 full Quran female memorisers who were recognised for their tuneful and perfect Quran recitation.
The society has also run a special ceremony for Quran memorisers, teachers, and new Muslim converts.
The delegation was briefed about the school's teaching/learning methodology and mechanism of graduation of proficient memorisers.
Bahrain is an Islamic country and the government is willing to spend money on non-Islamic events, an occasion not recognised in any religion, rather than give BD1,000 to Quran memorisers," complained parliament second vice-chairman Shaikh Adel Al Ma'awada during parliament's weekly session.
64 female full Quran memorisers from around the world will participate in the second edition.
Shaikha Mariam lauded the growing number of female Holy Quran memorisers graduates every year, describing it as a source of pride given its benefits for the individual and the community.
Up to 102 female memorisers from Ajman and Sharjah were enrolled in the course at Shaikh Zayed Mosque in Al Jurf Area, which aims to help learners revise memorisation of the entire Quran during Ramadan.
A special prize money will be given to the Quran memorisers with most beautiful recitation; a contest that is widely followed up for local, regional and international audience.
I am honoured to have this precious chance and compete in this grand international award which attracts Quran memorisers from across the globe, and it is my first participation abroad," said Gani, who is a student of jurisprudence at the Umm Al Qura University, Makkah.