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For those whose opinions could not be neatly categorized, many expressed support for just the requirement of cursive writing, while others claimed the memorization of multiplication tables only made sense.
I ask my students to approach the repertoire with several memorization techniques.
Additionally, they should encourage independence and logical thinking, and they should focus on why algorithms work, instead of on memorization.
Many practitioners remember auditing instruction based on memorization.
This is so because the memorization of literature requires a specific disposition of the soul and a didactic capacity which only poetry is capable of providing.
Memorization itself is a source not only of intellectual discipline but also of spiritual companionship--the prayers or poems that one commits to memory can provide solace in times of stress.
Wade's Estragon and Jones' Vladimir cannot be faulted for their memorization.
Unfortunately, this was occasionally misinterpreted as simply incorporating a discussion of business entities into the first course, which emphasized memorization of details, rather than integration of planning, research and financial-accounting concepts from a decision-making perspective.
These FE candidates have gone through weeks of memorization and can rattle off facts about the P-3 with ease.
Some 40 percent of people with high PCB concentrations scored relatively poorly on memorization tests, while only 8 percent of people with low PCB loads did, Schantz's group reports in the June ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PERSPECTIVES.
Rather, rote learning, memorization of subject matter, and "what is on the test" may make up the total curriculum.
From the start, for example, it was clear that the exams were undermining the education of poor students by reducing their class work to the most simplistic memorization.