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In the fifth level, memorization of 6 consecutive parts with Tajweed.
There exists a group of students in all medical colleges in Pakistan who has undergone extensive experience of rote memorization usually in their early adolescent age in the form of Hafiz-e-Quran (Memorization of whole test of Holy Quran word by word).
For those whose opinions could not be neatly categorized, many expressed support for just the requirement of cursive writing, while others claimed the memorization of multiplication tables only made sense.
I ask my students to approach the repertoire with several memorization techniques.
Learning and memorization is regarded as the reaction of the first order linear system in response to stepwise input action (Stepanov, 1983).
Additionally, they should encourage independence and logical thinking, and they should focus on why algorithms work, instead of on memorization.
Solomon struggles to read and copes through memorization and by copying his friend Peter's work.
Conjugation and grammar reviews for each verb help reinforce memorization and understanding of these verbs, all of which are common-use words vital for anyone striving to gain a working command of the Spanish language.
Too much emphasis on memorization, with tests that were based primarily on recall.
The rote memorization in preparation for what is arguably the greatest surviving relic of the classical Chinese Confucian examination system is increasingly out of touch with the needs of a country facing a challenging future.
In the most general sense, the book deals with the functions of human memory, and the titles of each the three parts provide a sense of the variety of mnemonic experience we are dealing with: namely, political commemoration, ethics, and reminiscence, the memorization of a poetics.
I, too, have found the memorization of psalms to be a source of inspiration and comfort.