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"It's vacation time, might as well memorize the book.
"My mom thinks I'm peanuts for liking to memorize," Kyle said, laughing.
Fifth, audio assistance can be another important way to help a sightless student memorize a score.
Learning how the notes look from your hands will help you memorize.
This is association method, although seemingly bizarre, works great when you are trying to memorize small groups of information which are related.
By "converting what they were being asked to memorize into images, and distributing those images along familiar spatial journeys," they had "taught themselves to remember like S" (p.
"I reached the point where I could memorize a deck of cards in two minutes and five seconds underwater.
Memorize the list until you can recall each word by number, them memorize a second list of synonyms for each word on your first list.
I say I don't set out to memorize a poem, but I did, once.
MOSAID Memorize offers the highest performance DDR SDRAM memory controller IP available on the market.
For example, she devises schemas for the same class of grammatical items and applies them to rules, but this process is impeded because it takes a lot of time to memorize the schemas.