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One of the students Nur Basyirah Azhar said, 'My motivation to come here, first of all, is for my family and for myself, and because I like to memorize the Quran, and that is one of my ambitions.
To memorize faces and names, Kyle said he picks a defining feature of a person's face and associates that with a memorable image.
In closing, each of these five key components, which the student should use to memorize a music score, needs to be understood by the pupil's instructor.
Memorize to perfect/memorize to perform--When memorizing to perfect, the pianist should first test how much of the repertoire is memorized.
This is association method, although seemingly bizarre, works great when you are trying to memorize small groups of information which are related.
I reached the point where I could memorize a deck of cards in two minutes and five seconds underwater.
Datasheets for 65nm MOSAID Memorize and MOSAID Maestro are available from the MOSAID Customer Center at http://www.
They'd play a bit of different songs until they finally said, 'Go home and memorize this one.
After being forced to memorize their way to Confirmation, they can rattle off the Seven Deadly Sins as easily as the lyrics to "Let It Be.
In desperation, their parents had them memorize "rules for bedtime" which they are happy to recite upon request: (1) stay in bed; (2) close your eyes; (3) go to sleep.
In the spring of that year, with help from some friends, they launched The Ten Commandments Project, which seeks to "renew America one child at a time" by paying children (ages 16 and under) $10 each to memorize and recite the Ten Commandments.