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Third, the student should satisfactorily play or sing the whole memorized piece with confidence.
Memorize to perfect/memorize to perform--When memorizing to perfect, the pianist should first test how much of the repertoire is memorized.
These dots disappeared, and then after a few seconds the participants were presented with a single dot appearing in one of the memorized colors or a new color.
Its license number fit the one partially memorized, deputies said.
The company won't guarantee delivery but will vouch that "the messengers have memorized their telegrams before passing on.
To qualify for the reward, a youngster is required to recite the commandments to a non-parental adult witness (such as a pastor, rabbi, priest, or teacher), who then submits an affidavit affirming that he or she has indeed heard the memorized recitation.
They studied and memorized long passages from the works of the great Greek poets who had lived centuries before their own time.
Besides, memorized words tend to take on a singsong quality.
Unlike in the past, the examination will require candidates to use research tools and access authoritative literature, as they would in actual practice, rather than recounting memorized facts and details.
I teach second grade and my second graders have already memorized four poems.
Can you imagine "a principal who, for 30 years has memorized home-made flash cards that matched the names and faces of his incoming freshmen so that he could greet every student by name?