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What we have memorized forms a soundtrack to our lives; just like music has the power to influence our mood and our energy, so does this mental soundtrack.
Then, these initial two parts of the work should be played or sung together until the student is able to confidently produce all of the measures from the beginning until the closing of the two opening sections that have been memorized, without many errors.
Throughout preparing a memorized piece, I tell students to practice 50 percent of the time with the score.
These dots disappeared, and then after a few seconds the participants were presented with a single dot appearing in one of the memorized colors or a new color.
As Foer shows, even in the process of converting playing cards or random numbers to vivid images that one has already memorized, what one is doing is integrating the new with the old--and it is specifically that integration that enables people who otherwise could not remember more than seven random numbers to memorize hundreds or thousands.
And when the reader has taken the poem so deeply into the body that it's memorized, the words don't need to be understood and processed before they can be reacted to; the gap between the words and emotions they elicit disappears.
No matter how conversational your writing style, a memorized talk will still come across as stilted and unnatural, creating a subtle but disturbing atmosphere of dishonesty.
It also assessed children's memorized knowledge of additions up to 20.
I began to wonder what the results might be if my students memorized a sura?
To qualify for the reward, a youngster is required to recite the commandments to a non-parental adult witness (such as a pastor, rabbi, priest, or teacher), who then submits an affidavit affirming that he or she has indeed heard the memorized recitation.
They studied and memorized long passages from the works of the great Greek poets who had lived centuries before their own time.