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Ayesha Kamara, from Guinea has indicated that it's the first time for her to take part in an international competition, considering the experiment as step forward for memorizing and reciting the holy Quran .
Qur'an as a whole with reciting, memorizing 24 consecutive parts of the
The key to memorizing is to associate numbers, words or faces with images, Kyle said.
Knowledge of the code may enable the student to handle the procedure of memorizing each score on his/her own time and in his/her own way.
A total of 16 prisoners have been released from death row for successfully memorizing the entire Qoran,
Having a cognitive approach is imperative to successful memorizing, especially for those who are used to simply "muscle memorizing.
This task consisted of viewing two, three or four colored dots and memorizing their appearance.
Next time you're studying for a test, use a scented lip balm while memorizing for the test and then on the test day bring the same lip balm for your exam.
More surprisingly still, after memorizing the spelling of several dozen words, the baboons gave right answers for words that they had never seen before.
Therefore, when memorizing an item, learn to recall it in ways that you can explain it, and in ways that you can see it.
Kyrgyzstan State Commission on Religious Affairs will hold a competition among Quran readers to select participants for 7 International Al-Fateh Competition for Memorizing and Reciting the Holy Quran in Libya.
Recently, after a year of preparation, White won the 2009 USA Memory Championship in New York, capturing the title by memorizing a 167-digit number in five minutes, recalling random details about strangers, and memorizing the order of a deck of cards in less than one minute, 30 seconds.