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MENACE. A threat; a declaration of an intention to cause evil to happen to another.
     2. When menaces to do an injury to another have been made, the party making them may, in general, be held to bail to keep the peace; and, when followed by any inconvenience or loss, the injured party has a civil action against the wrong doer. Com. Dig. Battery, D; Vin. Ab. h.t.; Bac. Ab. Assault; Co. Litt. 161 a, 162 b, 253 b; 2 Lutw. 1428. Vide Threat.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Over 1,000 monkeys were sterilised last month at Ranibagh Wildlife Transit Rescue Centre of Nainital Forest Department, to curb monkey menace in Uttarakhand.
Popoola had while moving the motion, identified inordinate ambition, moral bankruptcy among youths as factors boosting the growth of cybercrime, stressing that the menace had escalated to ritual killings and called for concerted efforts at restoring the nation's value system in order to curb the trend.
On completion of proceedings on question hour on Housing, Urban Development and Public Health Engineering Department, PML-N's Malik Muhammad Ahmed drew attention of the chair towards the issue on a point of order, saying there was no harm in admitting the fact that desired steps had not been taken in the past to curb the menace of use of drugs by youth.
The nation's support was imperative with Customs department to wipe out menace of smuggling in the country and put the country on road to progress and development, he opined.
She expressed the hope that the SCO could prove an effective forum in eliminating the menaces of terrorism and extremism.
ANF Director Brig Saghir said that their mission was to free Pakistan from the menace of drugs and ANF was taking every possible step for that.
Illegal motorcycle racing is a nationwide menace for all main cities, especially in Kuala Lumpur where Mat Rempits take over the main roads, endangering other motorists.
He said: "The original Dennis the Menace is part of that British tradition of St Trinian's and Just William - kids who are meant to be naughty.
Dennis the Menace #3: "Dennis the Menace in Hawaii"
NAUSHAHARO FEROZE -- A seminar titled 'Corruption, a major issue of society' was organized by district administration on Wednesday to raise awareness against the menace of corruption in connection with World Anti-Corruption Day at Government Boys Degree Collage.