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MENACE. A threat; a declaration of an intention to cause evil to happen to another.
     2. When menaces to do an injury to another have been made, the party making them may, in general, be held to bail to keep the peace; and, when followed by any inconvenience or loss, the injured party has a civil action against the wrong doer. Com. Dig. Battery, D; Vin. Ab. h.t.; Bac. Ab. Assault; Co. Litt. 161 a, 162 b, 253 b; 2 Lutw. 1428. Vide Threat.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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However, being well filled, he contented himself with walking round the terror-stricken savage, emitting low, menacing growls the while he kept his flaming, baleful eyes riveted upon the black.
"He has moved away from his 'menacing' ways but still dances to the beat of his own drum as a mischief-maker."
In the confessional tones normally deployed by big institutions admitting scandal and cover-up, DC Thomson, publisher of The Beano since 1938, said Dennis had "made mistakes in the past" but has now "moved away from his 'menacing' ways".
A viscount who offered money on Facebook for someone to kill Brexit campaigner Gina Miller faces jail after being convicted of sending menacing messages.
The engaging form of the diary allows young minds to learn all the basics of causing havoc with many top tips from Dennis; 'The Perfect Mega Menacing Detective Kit' and 'Menacing Lessons' keep cheeky imaginations fuelled.
"Dennis is up to his usual menacing and the results are hilarious.
"The most menacing is the piracy on the seas, which is becoming some kind of a global scourge and it is necessary and that all the nations which are involved will have to collectively work out a strategy to fight the menace of piracy," he added.
Dennis and his sidekick Gnasher have been menacing in the pages of the Beano since 1951.
A SUSPECTED thief who threatened a police officer's baby in an internet blog was yesterday convicted of posting a menacing message and fined pounds 150.
This original chaos, while menacing and potentially destructive, is never imbued with intelligence or autonomy as in other cultures.
The results of this process, as she has previously demonstrated, may be characterized as menacing or suggestive of dislocation, exile, or alienation from the familiarities of home.