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German Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday sought to mend fences with London
Then in April, Henry and Fred were each sent to help mend fences between the two farms together.
Her appearance would have provided an opportunity for her and Aburizal to mend fences.
The minister had told the Hurriyet daily on Monday that Turkey would sever ties with Israel if it failed to meet Ankara's conditions to mend fences.
When his former mentor quit 10 Downing Street in 2007, Mr Miliband's appointment to one of the great offices of state reflected Mr Brown's determination to mend fences with the Blairites and include talent from all sides of the party in his administration.
The only thing that has remained stable for Jumblat from the time of his March 14 leadership to the present day, when he is trying to mend fences with Syrian allies in Lebanon, is his relationship with the Maronite patriarch," Boumounsef said.
Summary: Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak began a one-day visit to Turkey on Sunday for an arms deal in the wake of a severe diplomatic row between the two countries, eager to mend fences with a
Columnist Nousouh al-Majali of the Jordanian daily AL RAI suggested on Dec 3 that Turkey's recent closeness of ties with Arabs gives it a greater regional role, especially with Israel looking to mend fences with Ankara after relations between the two countries went downhill because of the Gaza war last winter.
The Sudanese official said that his country's efforts to mend fences with the US will continue but criticized the slow pace of progress in this regard.
Alvord-Taylor Independent Living Services - Handyperson needed to mend fences, clean up yards, build raised garden beds, fix leaky faucets and more.
Complicating the situation for the industry is the Obama administration's anti-lobbyist push, which has made it far more difficult for the industry to reach out and try to mend fences.
The 69-year-old said: "Gleneagles called and said they wanted to mend fences.