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If we can mend fences with India why can't the country's political parties mend fences among themselves?
We have to mend fences facing investors through identifying the hurdles, study them thoroughly by the Investment Commission, State Ministry for Provinces Affairs, and the Cabinet to limit the overlapping and the repetition of requests," he added.
the lead in launching initiatives to mend fences between the brothers.
He visited Damascus last week in a bid to mend fences with Syria, which he earlier accused of supporting terrorist attacks inside Iraq.
With the assembly elections in Tamil Nadu due next year, the lady from Poes Gardens seems inclined to return to the Congress fold and is said to be keen to mend fences with 10 Janpath.
On Tuesday, efforts continued to mend fences between Hizbullah and Hariri's Future
In what is expected to be a bid to mend fences, Hu Jintao, the Chinese president, is to meet with Barack Obama, the US president, next week in Washington.
Columnist Afif Diab of the Beirut daily AL AKHBAR said on Tuesday that a number of heads of municipalities in the West and Central Bekaa Valley have visited Damascus in a bid to mend fences with the Syrian regime.
For more than two months, the man has been trying to mend fences with his wife but she has insistently refused and even moved in to her parent's house, Saudi newspaper Okaz reported, without revealing the man's name.
Alto Elite make music, but as well as that, they deliver calves, mend fences, and plough fields on a regular basis.
WHEN he was sworn in as President on February 28 this year, one of Demetris Christofias' aims was to mend fences with other countries after relations had been badly damaged during the Tassos Papadopoulos presidency.
Miliband's Sudanese counterpart Deng Alor said that a meeting will be held next week in Senegal to try and mend fences with Chad.