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An embedded press, willing to peddle propaganda, is the icing on this mendacious, nation-killing cocktail of deceit.
IT goes without saying that Tony Blair cut his mendacious teeth by misleading us on the Good Friday Agreement.
* Regarding the whole controversy, Tejpal emailed his response to The Indian Express."It is a totally mendacious account of what happened, in its details, in its tonalities, in its very suggestion of non-consensus." He added that his family, friends and most of the colleagues knew the details of the incident and stood by him.
I asked City Councilor Rick Rushton if he was feeling mendacious, and he paused to ponder.
A tenacious journalist uncovers a horrific crime and undermines a mendacious narrative of US foreign policy
The NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association was extremely supportive of my cause and, despite three separate appearances before the Industrial Relations Commission, and numerous meetings and consultations with nursing staff affected by the deletion, it was finally a mendacious management who were victorious and the position remained deleted.
Wellington, Jan 21( ANI ): Lance Armstrong's former teammate and whistle-blower, Tyler Hamilton has claimed the banned cyclist is still mendacious about testing positive at a race in 2001, and he also accused the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCL) of covering up the result.
I loved looking through crosstabs to figure out who's more mendacious than whom.
"We are drifting towards a political system in which a combination of modern technology, mendacious journalism and angry voters will undermine representative democracy,".
'overworked emperors, mendacious generals and pragmatic collaborators'.
You don't need a wild imagination to envisage those words being delivered in that uncertain tone in which mendacious boyfriends answer in the negative to questions from their other half about whether they've gained weight.
The problem with hope is when it becomes mendacious and seeps into the rational element of our thought process.