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He used it last November to describe former police officer Mark Rojas, but in a nifty bit of wordplay also managed to slime the T&G: "The only thing more slanderous and mendacious than Rojas is the Worcester Telegram and Gazette's propensity for giving the disgruntled and discredited a public forum for their unsubstantiated and fabricated innuendo.
In an interview with Syrian TV satellite channel on Friday Habash added that is expected from notables and dignitaries all over Syria to work for confronting and thwarting the media incitement against Syria and to conduct activities for strengthening the national dialogue instead of watching the mendacious channels.
As for the greedy, mendacious and self-serving mountebanks who caused this crisis in the first place, the bankers and city financiers: they were laughing all the way to the wine bar.
In a deliberately mendacious misreading of US policy and strategy in Afghanistan, Mr Karzai accused the West of perpetrating a "vast fraud" by trying to deny him victory in last year's presidential election.
Ideally, according to the author, "students may be shocked by the record of tendentious, mendacious news coverage they find here, and led to ask, Why?
One North East has meekly accepted Lord Meddlesome's mendacious millions for a plaster to put on the deep wound inflicted on Teesside industry, a sore that will endure for the foreseeable future.
Set against the carefree way that the government is nows pen dinghun dreds of billions of pounds of taxpayers' money in an attempt to prop up the financial system, hospital car parking charges are exposed as nothing more than a mean-spirited mendacious method of fleecing vulnerable people and dedicated medical professionals.
YOU have to admire the mendacious professionalism of the Green Party (Your Say, 16 December).
However, those who value only power are not impressed, especially because Poles have failed to create a discourse in English that would counter so many mendacious or simply ignorant books and opinions circulating in America.
Our cover story began with its author's quest to investigate his family background; but this led him to uncover a forgotten episode from the First World War in which the authorities used mendacious and heavy-heanded methods to suppress a small, relatively insignificant group of anti-war dissidents.
This too was mendacious, as the list of journal and magazine publications makes clear.