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Powerful and international capitalists (are working) mendaciously to pursue their ' political and economic aims.
They do promote themselves mendaciously as being fundamentally opposed to garbage, but that ideology is merely a holdover from a time when recycling was young.
Similarly, the strategy of mortgage brokers to lend to the poorest people in society and recoup losses by repossessing houses was mendaciously cynical - and doomed.
The immediate aim of this strategy was the establishment of a Stalinist dictatorship in Spain, intended, to paraphrase Gorkin, as the first example of the kind of regime, known mendaciously as a "people's democracy," created in Eastern Europe after the Second World War.
And if the purpose of the legislation wasn't bad enough, there's its name: Feinstein and Hatch mendaciously named S.
It is small wonder that members of the Olszewski government were brutally and often mendaciously attacked, both in Poland and abroad.
In Abusionibus, pardoners cannot "dispense from vows, from the crime of perjury and homicide, and themselves absolve other sins," (28) nor can "they cancel a third or a fourth of enjoined penance, [nor] mendaciously claim that whomever gives them alms frees the souls of three or more parents and friends from Purgatory and gains them entrance to Paradise.
For those who do he mendaciously accuses them of being anti-Semites.
There is no proper comparison at all between the two properties, but of course the use of [the selected comparable] gives an end result valuation [of $1,440,000] to the subject property grossly and mendaciously [lyingly] inflated.
This does not mean that the privilege is being claimed inappropriately, still less carelessly or mendaciously.
Most media report, inaccurately, that "there are no free [sic] elections," or, worse, mendaciously report that there are no elections in Cuba at all.
Finally, the failure of Mideast peace talks and Ariel Sharon's victory in Israel lend credence to Saddam's claim to be the champion of the Palestinians, and it provided him with another opportunity to play to the Arab streets and mendaciously blame US-Israel conniving.