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He then maintains that Thomas More's celebrated "improvisational gift" is likewise "the mystification of manipulation as disinterested empathy." As evidence he adduces "More's controversial works, such as The Confutation of Tyndale's Answer, whose recurrent method is through improvisation to transform the heretic's faith into a fiction, then absorb it into a new symbolic structure that will ridicule or consume it." (25) Greenblatt thus suggests that there is in principle no difference between the Spanish conquistadors' mendaciously luring the Lucayans into servitude and death by exploiting their religious beliefs and Mote's refuting of Tyndale's religious beliefs by drawing out implications that Tyndale had not intended.
Later, Rumsey began a patent war by mendaciously claiming that his boat of 1784 was really a steamboat.
Having come back into power finally--courtesy of a president who, however mendaciously, avows support for the right to arms--Democrats are liable to avoid the gun issue like the plague.
Next the sin is augmented when something is sworn not only lightly, rashly, and without cause, but also falsely and mendaciously. To lie by itself is evil.
Powerful and international capitalists (are working) mendaciously to pursue their ' political and economic aims." Critics disagree.
They do promote themselves mendaciously as being fundamentally opposed to garbage, but that ideology is merely a holdover from a time when recycling was young.
Similarly, the strategy of mortgage brokers to lend to the poorest people in society and recoup losses by repossessing houses was mendaciously cynical - and doomed.
I had centred on the subtler assaults: Christian "fundamentalists" portrayed as terrorist bombers in mock school exercises; the endless perpetuation of the fallacy that since Muslims are bent on mass terrorism, Christians must be too (although there's no evidence for it); and in Canada the leprous influence of media outlets like The Globe and Mail, which determinedly (and almost always mendaciously) undermine the intellectual credibility of Christianity.
The immediate aim of this strategy was the establishment of a Stalinist dictatorship in Spain, intended, to paraphrase Gorkin, as the first example of the kind of regime, known mendaciously as a "people's democracy," created in Eastern Europe after the Second World War.
And if the purpose of the legislation wasn't bad enough, there's its name: Feinstein and Hatch mendaciously named S.
It is small wonder that members of the Olszewski government were brutally and often mendaciously attacked, both in Poland and abroad.