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The fact that Telangana contributes 17 Lok Sabha (Lower House) seats in the parliament and in its present state of mendaciousness, the Congress can ill afford to ignore the scraps, is lost on none.
Dante, in contrast, discovers in comedy the self-ironic mode necessary to let a truth break through what otherwise would remain human mendaciousness and fraud disguised behind the face of a just man (XVII.
The "fiscal cliff agreement provides a case in point, with the mass media in general being accessories to the mendaciousness, sometimes by omission.
Not merely to bear what is necessary, still less conceal it--all idealism is mendaciousness in the face of what is necessary--but love it.
Our democracy is crippled by cynicism and apathy largely as a result of the mendaciousness of governments produced by first past the post.
Our age has already witnessed the failure of more conventional forms of these doctrines--in the waning of mainline Protestantism and the graying of liberal Catholicism, not to mention the mendaciousness and destructiveness of the "Judeo-Christian" imperial agenda of neoconservatism.
Citizens need ideals beyond rationally calculated self-interest, but the lesson of the twentieth century, perhaps beyond any other century in history, is that "the political pursuit of Utopian social arrangements and human perfectibility is bound to produce a rich and devastating harvest of unintended consequences such as violence, repression, and mendaciousness, as well as untold material and psychic deprivations for the surviving victims of these experiments in social engineering.
We allowed the government to get away with mendaciousness to the point where there is no convincing diagnosis of the deep causes of inflation.
Nietzsche (1968) has suggested that humans can not be truly altruistic and that the gestures of gift-giving, claims of love, praise, or indeed negative acts such as mendaciousness and physical violence all stem from the same motive--that is to exert will, or in other words, power over others.
It was a pitiful response from someone who had written so effectively about how American inaction, even mendaciousness, had allowed mass murder to go on in such places as Nazi-controlled Europe, Cambodia, Bosnia, and Rwanda - not to mention Saddam Hussein's Iraq.
Unfortunately, such mendaciousness is becoming par for the course in pro-cloning advocacy.
However, given the jaundiced statements they have made, the outrageous accusations they have proffered, and the systematic mendaciousness of their advocacy, there is little hope that much will change in their invective.