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Pressed to account for their deceits, mendacities, and cattle-future profits, the First Couple demonized their critics while rallying their henchmen.
While many of our maximum leader's mendacities have landed him in a hot tub of job-security risks, he has continued to sell both the elites and the Booboisie the incredible line that diddling employees, lying under oath, and directing a lengthy and costly government campaign to cover-up a string of falsehoods is a matter to be adjudicated not by the public or the legal authorities, but by his wife.
I have no doubt that the mendacities Bill Clinton dispenses with compelling certitude on the science of global warming, his "mending" of affirmative action, and the employment consequences of the minimum wage will be far more deadly to Americans than any little bug we may pick up from debaucheries in "the Johnson presidency" (my favorite Slate runner-up).