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Rightly or wrongly, the name of the Surrey training base for recruits has become synonymous in the public mind with stupidity, bone-headedness, complacency, inefficiency, mendacity, cover-ups, cruelty and maladministration.
Adding mendacity to his marital crime of keeping a mistress may precipitate a crisis that could put his marriage in danger and make Mandy reach for her suitcase.
voted the Prime Minister 'the biggest liar of all politicians', with 45 per cent saying the Labour leader came top of the mendacity league table.
In the waning days of a lame-duck term, undone by his own undisciplined appetites and relentless mendacity, Clinton is trusted less - well, less than even he has ever been trusted.
He said that the negative politics of falsehood and allegations deviate the nation and therefore, the elements leveling baseless allegations and indulged in mendacity and accusations will have to review their behavior.
But now it is hard not to remember the image of Mr Blair, eyes and hands uplifted as he stood in a halo of light before a church window like some latter-day Jean d'Arc to launch his last General Election bid, and think of how he and/or his supposedly ethical government has changed policy in the interests of major party fund contributors, propped up dictatorships with arms sales, performed U-turns on pre-election pledges, and rewarded greed and mendacity both in government and business.
He will say: 'There is now a growing stench at the very heart of New Labour, from the mendacity of Mandelson to the arrogance of Irvine to the brazenness of Blair.'
Coming from long-time cheerleaders of the Court's flights into a wonderland of liberal "values," the criticism is noteworthy chiefly for its mendacity. Still, it illustrates the extent to which Scalia has managed to define the terms of the debate.
We must eliminate the evils of mendacity, poverty and illiteracy from our society.
In view of the above practice in China, any irresponsible reports about Chinese children's life or mendacity aiming at slandering China would be firmly rejected.
He descended to new levels of mendacity in his descriptions of our party.
This claim provides the essential clue about the mendacity of the attack on Prop.