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An African insect ( Glossina morsitans ) whose bite is commonly regarded as nature's most efficacious remedy for insomnia, though some patients prefer that of the American novelist ( Mendax interminabilis ).
In both formats, Swift substitutes the complex quotation from Persius found in the 1726 frontispiece with a more easily decoded quotation from Horace: "Splendide Mendax," or "glittering liar." The new quotation contradicts the spirit of the old 1726 inscription and, instead, declares Gulliver's unreliability-his lack of authority-outright.
The first set is arranged like a stack of coins and is probably a colonial bacterium that the authors name Denaricion mendax. The other two, which the team calls Rafatazmia chitrakootensis and Ramathallus lobatus, look like long filaments separated into smaller chambers.
mendax significantly on pupation depth with potential of the searching habbit of parasitoids implications for its management.
These average values mask a lot of variation within countries and between red and white wines, and some of these details were the subject of further analysis in the article "Splendide Mendax: False Label Claims about the High and Rising Alcohol Content of Wine" in the Journal of Wine Economics (Alston et al, December 2015).
Assange had taken to hacking in the late 1980s under the handle "Mendax." He formed the hacking consortium, International Subversives, along with two other hackers--"Trax" and "Prime Suspect." Assange hacked the Pentagon, Navy, NASA, Lockheed Martin and Stanford University's SRI International, according to various histories.
ARCTURIDAE Neastacilla californica CANCRIDAE Cancer antennarius Cancer gracillis CAPRELLIDAE Caprella equilibra Caprella ferrea Caprella mendax CIROLANIDAE Cirolana harfordi COROPHIIDAE Cheirimedeia zotea EUPHAUSIIDAE Euphausia pacifica HIPPOLYTIDAE Heptacarpus pugettensis IDOTEIDAE Idotea fewkesi ISAEIDAE Photis sp.
(12) Ovid., Trist., 2, 353-356: "Crede mihi, distant mores a carmine nostro, / (vita verecunda est, Musa iocosa mea) / magnaque pars mendax operum est et ficta meorum: / plus sibi permisit compositore suo".
Augustine himself drew the same distinction between the spes de terrenis found in the world and the hope that he describes as "praesumentium de coelestibus, quae promisit non mendax Deus." ...
The new records extend the distribution of Proteramocerus disparilis Soares y Dias, 1972, Acratuspohli Soares, 1970; Acratus diringshofeni Soares, 1970, Acratus bellus Soares, 1970, Acratus mendax Soares, 1970, Nemobrenthus helmenreichii (Redtenbacher, 1868) and Teramocerus punctirostris Boheman, 1840.
Tambien se nos habla de sus comienzos como hacker, de su apodo, Mendax, adoptado tras la lectura de Horacio y que podria traducirse como "deliciosamente enganoso", del nacimiento de los cyperphunks, "code breakers" segun la denominacion de Levy (1984) y su afiliacion a los International subsersives, etc.
Crimen et mendax novis criminibus auges?" ["Was it not enough to rob me of my friend Hyacinthus?