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The Boston Society of Architects say it is a quintessential New England meeting house, but what struck me was seeing the seasons come and go from that cupola, the luminescent greens of spring spreading up to Mount Wachusett, and the spectacular fall foliage," said Patrick Guthrie of Menders, Torrey & Spencer.
Both will receive a new surface search radar to help detect smugglers or ships that are in distress, Menders said.
The mitumba trade, she writes, "is run by the masses rather than the elite, and is governed by relationships among importers, customers, drivers, menders and dealers rather than by what many observers have titled the 'kleptocracies' still common in much of Africa."
Road menders who don't keep an eye on the clock will end up in deep water on their next project.
The marriage menders Relate South Wales has gone bust and called in the liquidators.
Exhibit Table: $350 menders; $475 non-members (4 tickets & 1/2 page ad).
A naked and unarmed man in his bedroom; a man carrying a table leg home from the menders; a mentally ill man with a sword; the list goes on and on.
Quick to carouse and quick to disrupt social hierarchies, shoemakers are also, paradoxically, associated with spiritual assisrance and edification; in the language of a popular early modern pun, these "sole menders" often become "soul menders." Most surprising, however, is the frequent literary association between shoemakers and holidays.
IS it pure coincidence, or did my Road Rage rant last week about cones taking root in Coventry city centre and ring road hit home with city council road menders?
His new production, Feet Of Flames, is said to be as flamboyant as the previous spectaculars, which is good news for shoe menders the world over.
Menders, was sentenced in February to five years, with two to serve.
ONCE road diggers and roof menders from Kilmarnock, Biffy Clyro have come a long way.