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Historically one locates the origin of the Franciscan shift away from peripatetic mendicancy and toward an institutional model reminiscent of earlier orders in the split between Spirituals and Conventuals.
Though unchanged in current popular discourse, this collective memory is being redefined on the political and institutional levels in order to readdress questions of mendicancy.
Later on, Pignatelli received funds from the Sociedad Economica de Amigos del Pais, an act of generosity stemmed from their own desire to abolish the social disorder caused by mendicancy.
Not long after Green's visit, mendicancy reappears in the tour books.
Joining the flow of commercial and political traffic were Buddhist priests who, in the tradition of their Heian period (794-1185) predecessors, practised nonattachment to worldly matters by leading lives of mendicancy.
This caused them to exchange eremitical seclusion for a life of preaching mendicancy that became similar to that of Franciscans and Dominicans.
In Burma, Thailand and Nepal there are still begging monks, much loved by the people, whereas we Franciscans gave up mendicancy almost immediately.
To be successful in the work of converting Jews one must not shrink from mummery, mendicancy and mendacity.
Mendicancy too never developed as a Chinese practice.
there is a hint of further development: Piers, who had the power to destroy Pride, freres hadde afyndyng (383), would have ended their mendicancy, that is, endowed them.
The asceticism and mendicancy of Buddhist monks is not consistent with Confucian humanism and its ideals of hard work, order, and propriety.