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During the Kamakura period, the miko was forced into a state of mendicancy as the shrines and temples that provided her with a livelihood fell into bankruptcy.
Rembarrnga people refused to play out the relationship of mendicancy which government funding was supposed to entail.
With critics like that (and decades of compliant Democratic Congresses), PBS's continued successful mendicancy is not much of a surprise.
The Aquino government should stand up for sovereignty and do away with mendicancy in its foreign relations," Reyes added.
s reading is a reexamination of the importance of mendicancy for Aquinas's economics.
This is a deeply androcentric tradition (as is Jain mendicancy more generally), which has left precious few historical traces of the lives of nuns and laywomen.
He details the culture of mendicancy and how it interacted with and influenced mainstream Chinese society: e.
This essay starts with an analysis of mendicancy as a competitive urban profession in modern Shanghai,(4) a city that had one of the nation's largest armies of street beggars.
The petty larcenies and the random acts of violence make it clear that many young people were barely affected by the new initiatives of the Counter Reformation, though it is difficult to know how representative these cases are, since almost by definition they involved young people whose lives had reduced them to a state of vagabondage and/or mendicancy.
Finally, while this is not the point of Caner's analysis, it seems to me that it can illuminate our understanding of later ecclesiastical intransigence about monastic mendicancy and enclosure, which in the West came to be focused particularly on monastic women who had no priestly duties that might be used to justify any lack of stability, absence from enclosure, or avoidance of manual labor.
the application of the "religious" life (in the diverse forms provided by traditional monasticism, mendicancy, confraternities, etc.
Formal sannyasa, in Marcaurelle's scheme, involves initiation into the sannyasasrama according to srauta rites; informal sannyasa is simply wandering mendicancy unconnected with monastic initiation.