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MENIAL. This term is applied to servants who live under their master's roof Vide stat. 2 H. IV., c. 21.

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1) If the professional finds that the child is mentally retarded and recommends commitment to a state hospital, the court may direct the filing in the appropriate court of a petition for commitment of a child as a menially retarded person to the State Department of Developmental Services for placement in a state hospital.
I will write no plays; Because the drama, less sublime in this, Makes lower appeals, depends more menially, Adopts the standard of the public taste To chalk its height on, wears a dog-chain round Its regal neck, and learns to carry and fetch The fashions of the day to please the day, Fawns close on pit and boxes, who clap hands Commending chiefly its docility And humour in stage-tricks,--or else indeed Gets hissed at, howled at, stamped at like a dog, Or worse, we'll say.
And today, menially employed, he lives in a cramped garage apartment.