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It was determined that each branches which ramified from the medial meningeal artery (Fig.
Since the infra orbital sulcus may contain an anastomosis between middle meningeal artery and infra orbital artery it would be of surgical interest to ophthalmologists, and neuro surgeons.
Preoperatively, successful embolization of the tumor's blood supply from branches of the fight postauricular artery, the ascending pharyngeal artery, and a posterior branch of the right middle meningeal artery was performed.
Accessory meningeal artery arose from the middle meningeal artery, 25 mm below the base of the skull and entered the middle cranial fossa through the foramen ovale by passing behind the mandibular nerve.
The trauma produces bone deformation (fracture and / or sinking), promote vascular lesions (mostly middle meningeal artery and its branches and venous sinuses), with consequent accumulation of blood between the bone and the dura mater.
During the 11th week (80 mm), the external petrosal nerve arises from the facial nerve distal to the geniculate ganglion and courses with a branch of the middle meningeal artery.
It overlies anterior branch of the middle meningeal artery which is the most common artery to be damaged producing extradural haematoma, requiring burr hole surgery to evacuate haematoma (5).