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In the United States, on a daily basis, 6,000 women reach menopause.
On average, women enter menopause at around 50 years of age.
After adjusting for race/ethnicity level of education, smoking history, hypertension, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, diabetes, and whether the menopause was natural or surgical, Dr.
Nearly 6 per cent of women who went though menopause early had some sort of heart event, compared to 2.
However, the majority of Namibian women (81%) rather rely on social networks and traditional ways of passing on information on menopause from one generation to the next.
After adjustment for age, systolic blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, current smoking, cardiovascular disease, and estrogen use after menopause, the investigators determined that the age of menopause was an independent predictor of ischemic stroke.
Lian Otay, president of Eyas society said "What people usually think about menopause is that it is something that happens to women in their 50s, but menopause can and does happen to women well before that age.
Menopause doesn't usually happen before you are 40, but it can happen any time from your 30s to your mid 50s or later.
The section on Health Concerns covers such common worries as uterine and bladder health, memory and mood, bone health, heart health, cancers, migraines, vulvar itch, diabetes and much more--a reminder that menopause, aging and all the concomitant problems are inevitably linked.
Black cohosh is one of the most widely studied herbs for menopause symptoms, and one of the safest, according to the North American Menopause Society (NAMS).
Some of the Web blogs on the site include: ``Hormonal Hotties,'' a comical account of one blogger's hot flashes; ``Mood Swings,'' which is about just that; ``Sleepless in Menopause,'' and much more.
But the new work Menopause takes us to a different place.