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It is likely that domestic pressures of managing a larger household leave the older mothers less aware of a seemingly less important event that is her last menstrual period date.
Most women can tell if they are approaching menopause because their menstrual periods start changing.
Pill users, who totaled 1,540 women, were grouped according to the time interval between when contraceptive pills were dispensed to them and the estimated date of their last menstrual period (0-30, 31-60 or 61-90 days).
Kimberly-Clark's Kotex brand and Dot Girl First Period Products, a leading retailer of first menstrual period kits for pre-teen girls, announced today a new licensing agreement.
Episodes of depression occurred sporadically, he reported, until the year before the last menstrual period, when the investigators observed four episodes of depression, followed by five episodes in the year after the last menstrual period.
Boston -- A single dose of Plan B (levonorgestrel) alters the timing and duration of the menstrual period that immediately follows emergency contraception, according to a new study.
It begins with 12year-old Sarai, daughter of a wealthy Sumerian in the city of Ur, experiencing her first menstrual period and being immediately readied for marriage.
The body does not interrupt those preparations to re-set itself and restart the ovulation process, but waits till after that "preparation phase" has run its natural course, ending in a birth or a menstrual period.
FAT stands for Female Athlete Triad, a condition referring to a combination of amenorrhea (absence of a menstrual period for three or more months), disordered eating and decreased bone mineral density in athletes; some clinicians define it more broadly as involving general menstrual abnormalities.
In Leviticus 18:19 God forbids a husband from having sex with his wife during her menstrual period.
Two of them deal with homosexual rape; two more in the New Testament use such obscure terms that no one is really sure what is being prohibited; two in the Old Testament Holiness Code clearly prohibit it, but they also prohibit wearing clothes made out of two different fibers and couples sleeping together during a woman's menstrual period.
Researchers gathered information on factors thought to be linked to breast cancer risk - age of first menstrual period, age when the first child was born, how many children they had, and age when menopause began.