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Duffin sums up the situation well: "Ravenscroft does seem to have labored in vain, and his fascination with the lost intricacies of the mensural system, undoubtedly acquired through serious academic study, .
Burling (1965: 259-260) and Greenberg (1972) were probably the first to view individualization as the prime cognitive function of sortal and also mensural classifiers in East Asian and Southeast Asian languages.
Como soporte en el aspecto tecnico de las tablaturas utilizare el libro titulado La notazione della musita polifonica dal X al XVII secolo, (3) escrito por el estudioso aleman Willi Apel, en el cual no solo se limita al estudio de las tablaturas para laud, sino tambien analiza los problemas concernientes a sistemas notacionales de tipo mensural utilizados para otros instrumentos.
McColley's thesis rests on an ingenious mensural hypothesis:
Here several black-and-white illustrations help to bring the medieval work to life, assisting readers in familiarizing themselves with the Gothic, mensural, and neumatic notations used in the songs of ms.
There are even some didactic touches, such as the unusual frequency of written accidentals and demonstrations of the workings of the mensural system, and of series of arithmetically indicated musical proportions.
They have similar mensural relationships between their three smallest note values and share prevailing iambic movement and rhythmic-melodic figures, notably at the beginning of each song (compare B13 mm.
Variation in color pattern, as web as meristic and mensural characters, is based on 45 specimens of this previously little-known endemic Colombian watersnake.
The penultimate paragraph of 'The Bowmen of Shu" quotes the Blast memorial to Gaudier-Brzeska, "Mort pour la patrie," but omits its celebration of his military feats and adds the mensural eloquence of "4 Octobre 1891-5 Juin 1915" (20; 158).
Harrison relates this meter to medieval trinitarianism and refers to it by its name from mensural notation in the Middle Ages: tempus perfectum cum prolatione perfecta.
How can such command of the mensural notation system combine in the same composer with so amateurish a part-writing concept?
Grocheo offers no precise indication of what mensural interpretation might apply to most of his other forms of musica vulgaris, although he apparently distinguishes dance music from the other forms ('.