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Nominal Verbal Identification sortal classifier predicate-perspective (characterizability) classifier Individua(liza)tion mensural classifier aspectual classifier
In the Bohemian Lands in the course of the 14th century we can identify the gradual development of organum (and discant) polyphony from improvised to ever more complex composition, and at the end of the 14th century we can also identify the influences of mensural form of rhythm from the field of non-liturgical music (according to period testimony, these kinds of rhythm were known among educated musicians well before, by the end of the 13th century), and in the first third of the 14th century they began to spread among "laymen and pharisees", i.
After the Wilks' test, these mensural characters are still the best, but in a different order (Table 3).
But even well before this, in the fourteenth century, when the new mensural notation was developed, suddenly it was possible to write music down in a far more complex way, to structure it.
The principle of selection is, for the editor if not for all the contributors, one of exclusion: not to be considered are court and ecclesiastic centers where sacred and secular polyphony was cultivated, or, in the editor's words, produced, by "a set of compositional techniques used by 'great male composers' to write pre-composed - as opposed to improvised - mensural polyphonic music"(5).
For a particular mensural character (as in the mammalian heart), this occurs when the population mean of the right side minus the left side is not statistically equal to zero.
This seven-page synopsis of medieval mensural notation is one of the clearest I have read.
At the time, an English-language study of Dufay was certainly needed--Charles Hamm had laid some groundwork with his A Chronology of the Works of Guillaume Dufay, Based on a Study of Mensural Practice (Princeton University Press, 1964), and various results of biographical and musical research had come out of the Dufay quincentenary conference held at the City University of New York in 1974 (the proceedings, edited by Allan Atlas, were published by CUNY in 1976), but a narrative study of Dufay's entire life and output was still lacking.
Axes I and II in the PCA explained 75 and 11%, respectively, of the variation in mensural characters.
D'Accone laments the lack of information concerning the formal musical training of [male] Florentines in this period, even in Cathedral schools and monasteries: "No reports of the typical musical curriculum have survived, but it seems reasonable to assume that solmization and methods of vocal production, the basic principles of mensural notation and perhaps even some elementary counterpoint were taught to youngsters" (1992, 280).
Mensural data and natural history observations are recorded for some species.
The level of cataloging of each piece is quite high, with mensural incipits for all voices, concordances, textual/liturgical sources, pre-existing chant if present, and commentaries on the concordances or, in the case of alternatim items, the text set.